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Forum Direct are proud to supply our customers with the highest quality range of memory/RAM devices. These devices actively run applications on your computer to create nonvolatile memory found in a hard drive or SSD.


When considering which RAM to buy, it is important to know its designed intention. The RAM was designed to function as a medium between small, speedy cache in your CPU and the large, slow storage of your hard drive/SSD. If used correctly, it will temporarily store working parts of the operating system and data that is being actively utilised by computer applications. The RAM can be compared to a fast, efficient workstations; the bigger the RAM, the more things you have quick access to at any given moment. It is important to note, that it is not designed for permanent storage. The RAM storage will be lost the moment your computer power is switched off.


Shop online at Forum Direct now and explore our high quality range of memory/RAM devices, or contact us today for free, expert advice.


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