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The notebook computer was designed to enable people to work efficiently away from the desk. At Forum Direct, we’re all about efficiency and fast-speed technology, so we’ve put together the best range of notebooks for our busy, on-the-go 9-5 corporate cogs, full-time university students, 24-7 gamers, and even those just after a solid source of computerised entertainment.


The notebook computer is a generally accepted term for a full-sized PC/laptop that finds a balance between portable functionality and practicality. One of the biggest factors to consider when selecting a notebook computer, is the size and specifications (processing speeds, storage, capacity, memory/RAM and screen size all depend on the quality of the PC/notebook computer). The traditional sizes are; the smaller 10” to 13” screen size notebooks (great for carrying around, however with sacrificed performance), the medium 14” to 16” screen size (the ideal balance of performance and portability, easily configured as a desktop compromise) or the larger 17” to 18” screen size which provides top performance processors and tonnes of storage (this notebook computer is less portable than some of the smaller options).


The great advantages of choosing a laptop over your traditional desktop include its comparatively minimal energy use and low annual running cost. A notebook computer will also take up noticeably less space in your home/office space while still matching the power of mid-range desktop computers. All notebook computers/laptops are compatible with either Microsoft Windows, iOS X, and Linux, so you can have access to all required mainstream software programs/applications.

Shop Forum Direct today, and find the right notebook computer for you, whatever your requirements.

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