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Tablets & Tablet PCs

For those of us who want to move past the traditional laptop or desktop computer for superior internet browsing and portability, then Forum Direct’s range of tablets and tablet PCs is the perfect solution for you. The tablet is also a supreme choice for on-the-go business travellers who are after a functional, transportable computer that can also double as a phone.


When browsing our range of tablets and tablet PCs, it is important to take into consideration the advantages and drawbacks of certain brands and models. If you’re pretty much after a travelling computer, then our recommendation would be the Microsoft Surface. This tablet bridges the gap between tablets and computers, as it provides access to the entire Windows 10 experience and can run full application and software programs such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office. It is also has many of the same connections as a laptop would provide e.g. USB and HDMI inputs. These models offer a complete, unabridged operating system with fitted, powerful processors and extreme storage space of up 1TB.


Android tablets PCs offered by Samsung and Lenovo e.g. the Surface Pro or Samsung Galaxy, run using the world-renowned Google operating system, the world’s most popular interface. Opting for one of these models means being provided with over a million applications right at your fingertips. These models are also traditionally the most affordable. The software system developed for the Android tablet is also engineered to deal with a hardware ecosystem that is constantly evolving. That means your Android tablet might very well stay with you for years to come.


Choosing the right tablet PC for you should come down to how often you require it, what exactly you need to perform on it, what screen size you prefer and how much space you will need. If you’re just after one to perform basic tasks any model offering between 16GB to 32GB will suffice. However, if you require it for professional purposes/to store a large media library, Forum Direct recommends anything from 64GB or more.


Shop your tablet and tablet PC at Forum Direct, today. We’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need!


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