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Terminals/Thin Clients

Terminals/Thin Clients

In the world of cloud computing, thin client technology is based on a desktop terminal that has no hard drive. That means that all the features of an ordinary desktop PC, such as applications, data, or memory are stored in a data centre. Constantly growing in popularity, thin clients are about to replace standard PCs. Why? Because these low-cost and centrally managed computers are easy to use and help users to immediately access any virtual desktop or application. Unlike ordinary IT infrastructures which become increasingly dense and complex, thin clients offer a simplified and low maintenance alternative to PCs.


At Forum Direct, we provide cloud computing devices which are innovative, reliable and secure. If you are seeking a lightweight but hard-working device, just have a look at our large range of the latest thin client technologies at a low-price point.

Choose the desktop of your choice among our range of brands such as LG, IGEL, Samsung and HP, including HP Smart Zero Core and Windows Embedded. Our desktops and All-in-One thin clients are designed for any type of enterprises and industries, to provide flexibility and security to your business, with low IT resources.


As Forum Direct is your number one distributor of IT hardware online, we also provide zero client products, which can be considered as ultrathin clients. Zero clients will benefit your business thanks to their efficiency and security to deliver applications, their easy management, and obviously, their prices, which are much lower than traditional PCs.


So if you are a company seeking a built-in desktop experience, with high performance and scalability, thin clients and zero clients are the best option for you.

Browse our range of could computing devices to find the product that best meet your needs!


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