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We’re in the process of re-designing the shopping experience for Forum Direct customers. Our new store, with a number of enhancements, will be available shortly. In the meantime, we’re writing to let you know about changes to our Forum Rewards program.


From the 20th of February 2020, Forum Rewards points will no longer be available for redemption. With our new platform, we’ll be introducing new loyalty offers, but the current method of earning and redeeming points will no longer exist. 


Your current rewards points are redeemable within Forum Direct until 11:59pm on the 20th of February 2020. To use your points, log into your account. Once you're ready to use your points, simply adjust the points slider to your desired expenditure in View Cart.


Points not redeemed by the cut-off date will no longer be valid and will be forfeited.



    1. Sign up to our mailing list = 500 Points
    2. Create an account before you checkout = 500 Points
    3. Once you've created an account, every $1 you spend with us will earn you 2 Points.


  1. Your points can be converted to dollars at the checkout. For every 100 Points you use, we'll discount $1. This means 500 points = $5.
    1. Participation in Forum Rewards is free.
    2. Forum Rewards Points can only be applied to the registered Forum Direct Account used for making the purchase.
    3. Registered users may access their Account:
      1. By logging into their Account on the Forum Direct Website using their registered email address and password; or
      2. By calling the Forum Direct Contact Centre
    4. Customers who have negotiated special pricing on specific products are not eligible for Rewards Points.
    1. Forum Rewards Points are automatically deducted from your Account when used towards a purchase
    2. The calculation of the dollar value of Forum Rewards Points is based upon dollars spent during checkout on purchases.
    3. Forum Rewards Points have no cash value and are non transferable.
    4. Abuse of this program will result in forfeiting accumulated Forum Rewards Points and termination of your Forum Rewards Membership.
    1. Forum Rewards Points may be redeemed on all product purchases including sales items on the Forum Direct Store.
    2. Real time Forum Rewards Points redemption is available in the shopping cart. If you have a points balance that can be put towards a purchase you will be given the option to redeem any, all or a portion of your Forum Rewards Points on the payment page during checkout.
    3. If, when using Forum Rewards points you have insufficient points to cover the full cost of the purchase, you can use the points plus pay option and and pay the balance via one of our available payment methods.
    1. Forum Direct, at it’s sole discretion, reserves the right to change the program rules, terms, conditions and limitations without prior notice. However, we will try to give Registered Users reasonable notice of changes which are materially detrimental to the membership as a whole.
    2. Forum Direct does not guarantee that Forum Rewards will continue indefinitely. Forum Direct may terminate all or part of Forum Rewards and will give Registered Users at least 30 days’ notice of termination of Forum Rewards. Notice of termination will be posted on the Forum Direct Website and send:
      1. To the email address specified on the Members Account; or
      2. If no valid email address, to the postal address of the last shipped order.
    3. Once notice of termination has been given, Registered Users will no longer earn Forum Rewards Points on purchases.
    4. Any points that are not redeemed during the 30-day period will be forfeited and Registered Users will have no claim against Forum Direct or any forfeited Points.

Once you're ready to use your points, simply adjust the points slider to you desired expenditure in View Cart. 


Points not redeemed by the cut-off date will no longer be valid and will be forfeited. 

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