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KVM Switch

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KVM Switch

Working with two or more computers at a time, or even more so, managing a growing data centre, is incredibly challenging. So why don’t you make it easier, faster, and more convenient by using a KVM Switch?


KVM stands for keyboard, video, and mouse. It is a handy portable device that allows you to do two important things; one, it gives you the ability to connect to two or more PCs, two – and the most essential point of all – it allows you complete control over every monitor, all the while using a single keyboard, mouse or display.


Forum Direct carries a wide array of options for a KVM switch and switchbox.  All of them will make your tech life simpler and more comfortable. If you are operating or overlooking the performance of a data centre, you’ll find a KVM switch very useful in any server on the rack.


If you’re a programmer, this device lets you utilise two or more computers with different operating systems for software testing.


Our company sells high-quality KVM switches from some of the biggest brands like Belkin and StarTech that can fit your needs and preference. From the most basic to the most advanced, choose which one your business deserves.


We give you competitive prices for our products while you can quickly compare our KVM switchbox choices in less than a minute.


Make your tech life hassle-free! Buy a KVM switch from Forum Direct, or contact us today for free, expert advice.

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