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Fax Machines

Fax Machines

Fax machines provide an easy way to send documents over phone lines. They’re also a whole lot faster than your regular mail, and more affordable than overnight delivery. Even with proliferation of email, businesses find fax machines indispensable for immediately sharing contracts, proofs and other written documents.


How do they work? Fax machines scan each outgoing page and then convert the images into a series of light and dark dots. This pattern is then translated into audio tones and sent over regular phone lines. The receiving fax machine ‘hears’ the tones, pieces the grid together and prints the total compilation of dots to produce black and white copies of the original pages. Some models also provide the option of colour, however, this is rare.


There are two main types of fax machines; inkjet fax machines and laser fax machines. You also have the older, more traditional thermal transfer fax machines, however this not ideal for on-demand business who require faxing systems for daily use. Inkjet fax machines produce relatively crisp text at a moderate cost. These machines are optimal for people who would receive anything under 30 faxes a day. Although, for heavier usage requirements, as well as faster print speeds the laser fax machine is highly recommended. These heavy-duty laser fax machines feature a laser and/or light emitting diode (LED) printing engine that is able to use toner to quickly produce exceptional quality images on plain paper. The laser fax machine is the most reliable fax machine as it is able to withstand the daily stress for a fast working office.


Shop Forum Direct’s large range of fax machines today, and find the right model for you/your business! What’s more, check out our printer supplies range for all the paper, ink and toner you need.

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